Top 5 Best Kukri Machetes in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Every survivalist and outside lover will have a knife or best machete in which they prefer to carry around. However, many people are not yet familiar with journeys, and it is the easiest and most versatile knife. Kukri can be used for skin sports, innumerable, to clear the forest, it can also be used as a missing bar or lever, and of course, can be used for this purpose.

That is because deadly weapons can be used. A kukri is a unique cutting tool that is related to the accuracy and precision of the knife. Like all tools, they are made for specific jobs and some tools are better than others. So you need to determine why you want to go out and start pricing them.

Qucik Recommendations – Our Top 3 Picks

Image Product Details   Price
KA-BAR-Kujri-machete-Huntbe-1 KA-BAR 2 Kukri machete Color: Black
Blade: Carbon Steel
Check Price
Parang-machete-huntbest-1 CRKT-Parang machete Blade Edge: Plain
Weight: 1 Pound
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Australian-army-machete-hun Australian Army machete Blade: High Carbon Steel
Weight: 1.45 Pounds
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What kukri machete is better than other machetes?

A kukri and machetes will look very similar, which is why many people will be forced to ask this question. However, the eyes can be deceptive and in fact, they are very different tools that serve individual purposes.

While both are curved blades, the kukri features a vertical curve with a right round sink in the belly of the blade. It comes to a heart-like point and, as a result, affects the way the blade swings. If you are looking for something to clean and dress the animals after hunting, you may want to consider a kukri. Now, the kukri is a kind of machete. This means that all the kukris are machetes but not all are! Another type of machete is parang. Then you have the barong, the Topanga, the cane, the bolo, the Golok. The most popular form of the machete is the Latin machete and it is also sometimes called the regular machete.

It is possible that ‘regular machete is better to chop through plants and especially at close distances. Bend in the blade means you can use the kukri like this, but you’ll need to do it from a greater distance. In some ways, you may think of a machete as a more useful ‘common tool’, while kukri has certain advantages that make them easier to use in the right circumstances.

Here, I’m going to represent the top 5 survival models that are also at the top of the market. I have rated these machetes according to their quality, performance, features, and price.

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1. Hooyman Kukri Machete – Best for Hunting and Chopping Weeds

Brand Hooyman
Blade Material3CR13 Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH20.25″ L x 4.25″ W x 1.25″ D
Sheath IncludedYes

Hooyman kukri machetes cut with a thick brush and stick with a hooker machete. The 21.5 “3CR13 stainless steel blade is wider and heavier which makes it easier to cut even thicker plants on your ground. Ergonomic, signature green NO-SLIP H-GRIP when cutting through berg. The handle ensures a secure grip. A custom sheath with belt loops for easy carrying, as well as a peg hole in the handle for easy storage.


The blade is constructed of 3CR13 stainless steel with a single edge to achieve a reliable cut in all situations. The blade has a balanced design for cutting fresh plants and has a mushroom hole in the handle for hanging and storage when not in use.
This product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty provided by the Hooyman manufacturers.

Technical details

The best thing about this machete. It has a 20.25 inches L x 2.75 inches W x 1.25 inches D and weighs 1.6 pounds. The belt sheath is built of 1680D polyester with plastic liner to protect the blade in rough or wet conditions.

This machete plays an important role in keeping fire-prone areas free from dry brushing as they disintegrate dead plants quickly and efficiently. It is commonly used for farming, but since the blade is suitable for cutting, it is also an excellent camping tool.

A closer look at what past users said about this Hooyman kukri machete:

This is my new fav tool! I call it butter 😉 it has been excellent for cutting the burdock and thistle in horse pasture. It works well for the purpose I use it for. It takes a little more oomf for grass and bark stalk weeds but gets the job done well. The handle is also very grippy and correct, feels secure in hand. Love this thing! 
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Thick stainless steel
  • A proper hardened blade
  • Feels secure in hand
  • Not a lifetime warranty
  • Noisy metal

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2. KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri – Excellent chopping weeds and clearing campsites

It is of good quality and comfort that you can use for your gardening and outdoor needs, take it with you when camping and fishing, and be able to rely on its strong and sharp blades at all times. It’s the best cutting knife we’ve ever tested and’s beautifully designed. The blade is powerful and robust, and overall, it’s a great kukri machete.

This beautiful black knife of the ka-bar has a kukri blade made of 1085 carbon steel, which is 11 and a half inches long and has a 20-degree edge angle. The razor edge of the blade is sharp.


Carbon steel blade:

The best and most important part of this machete is the blade. It is made of carbon steel, so it offers many advantages. The first is that it is extremely durable and can withstand all kinds of pressures and demands. On the other hand, it is lightweight so lifting the will not be a problem. At the same time, this blade will last longer than the drills that have other materials.

Sheath made from black leather:

This machete is a sheath, made of black leather. It also offers a high level of quality and is designed for heavy-duty applications. All this means that the machete and the sheath are perfect for use in any area. The machete will fit perfectly in the sheath and it will last a long time.

Technical details

The kukri machete Blade has a length of 11.5 ″ 17 “and a total weight of 20 ounces (~ 1.2 lbs). It is a robust tool and will do much more than, hack with a light brush. The shape of the kukri blade puts a lot of weight on the front of the blade and makes a great chopper.

A closer look at what past users said about this KA-BAR 2-1249-9 kukri machete:

I will have to check the Widnlas Steel Crafts kukri out as I have been getting more and more attached to the kukri design. You get a wicked chopper with tons of edge – great for yardwork and perhaps even slaying a zombie or two. 
  • It is perfect for chopping, cutting, piercing, and slashing
  • A secure former sheath is provided to protect the blade.
  • The blade maintains its ultra-sharp cutting edge longer
  • It is very fast so care is needed to avoid injuries
  • Achieving ultra-sharp cutting edge requires sharpening after purchase

3. Gerber Gator Black Kukri Machete – Ideal for Lawn and Garden

Brand:Gerber Gear
Dimensions:1.75 x 6.5 x 24.88 inches
Item Weight:1.76 Pounds
Sheath Included: Nylon Sheath

The Gerber Gator kukri is a knife designed to be used. This kukri is based on the famous Nepali cutting knife with featured blades. Pointed, with a wide middle part on the handle and a short neck. When you own possession, you can deal with plants such as tall grass, plants, branches, or any other type of plant.

This product is especially popular for outdoor recreation, especially an ideal toolkit during a jungle road trip. The companies that are preparing these exercises believe that when you are on a wildlife journey, you need some perfect and powerful cutting tool, not only during formal cutting but also to keep yourself alive.


Sharp blade:

Whether you’re hiking in the woods or planning a trip to the woods, these Gerber machetes are always a helpful toolkit in survival times. The Gator Match has an excellent 15-inch sharp blade that confirms its superior class and excellent cutting performance.

Comfortable Grip:

It is made of a high carbon stainless steel blade that supports long-term performance. You can find the nylon sheath in the handle for a comfortable grip. The handle itself is comfortably designed and reinforces the grip.

Lightweight machete:

It is a dual-purpose development, which helps in survival times and works flawlessly in cutting the backyard. Hitting the underbrush from behind, clearing green fields and jungle trips are considered lightweight.

Technical Details

The blade is made of a carbon steel blade. Nylon sheath added for non-slip. The overall length of the gator grip on the 15-inch sharp and precise blade mold is 25.7 inches. Weight around 18 oz. Rubberized handle and extremely fast tool.

A closer look at what past users said about this Gerber Gator Black Kukri Machete.

This works great! Cuts like butter! I love the handle grip, you can use it all day! The Sheath is of very good quality!
  • Sharp cutting tool
  • Extremely beautiful design
  • Solid handle
  • Non-slip grip
  • Steel blade
  • The large size of the machete

4.Genuine Gurkha Afghan Kukri Machete- Best for Hunting

Blade Material:High Carbon Steel
Dimensions:11 x 2.2 x 3 inches;
Item Weight:1.75 Pounds
Sheath Included:Yes

Genuine Gurkha Afghan Machete is an authentic kukri made by hand in Nepal and released to the British Gurkha Regiment in Afghanistan. This particular model is lar in the western market.

The blade is big, thick, and sharp. It has a complete tang design and the used steel SK5 is a high carbon, which is extremely tough and provides good impact resistance while maintaining a high impression. It also takes a very deep edge. It provides a comfortable grip with plenty of traction. Combined with the blade guard, the handle provides a perfectly secure grip to the cold steel gourd. There is no risk of your hands slipping or getting seriously injured during heavy use.


Easy to handle:

It is a very sharp blade of high-grade carbon steel, which is in the high rating with a long polish of about 16 inches. The handle is made of rosewood. The shape is different and has a finger grip. This full tang is about 5 long making it super strong running through it. The scabbard is white natural leather.

Hand made:

It is a completely handmade product that requires both steel and sheath oil. More sheath than a blade unless used in a very wet, dirty environment that can rust the blade, which can happen. However the sheath is made of leather and like maintaining a good pair of leather shoes, if you want the leather to be conditioned.

Technical details

10.00 inches (25.4 cm) handmade, high-grade carbon steel, semi-polished blade. Handle a 5.00 inch (12.7 cm) flat full tang handle made of rosewood. Overall length: 15.00 inches (38.1cm) from blade tip to handle pommel. Weight: 1.98 lbs. or 31.74 oz. (900 gram), blade and sheath * Scabbard: Cotton hidden in buffalo leather.

  • Easy to use
  • Smooth handle
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable uses
  • Perfectly secure grip
  • You need to be careful while using it

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5.Kershaw Camp 10 Tan Machete – Ideal for Cutting and Bark Splitting

Blade Material65 Mn
Item Dimensions16 x 2 x 2 inches
Sheath IncludedNylon Polymer Threaded

Kershaw has a previous iteration of this knife, Camp 10, but it only came in black. This time, they explored more about the color spectrum by introducing Kershaw Camp 10 Tan. The differences between the two models, which revolve around the handle and the sheath, are significant. To be able to do this, the tan option is a beautiful one.

Kershaw uses 65 mm carbon tool steel, which lends itself to more impact, sustainable elimination of the application spectrum. With its medium to high carbon content, this steel grade provides good wear resistance and hardness. In practice, this quantity is a blade that you can use not only on the need for surgical precision but will also take the lead in beating and taking.

It is not too thick and you can scratch it without much effort. Store the knife in its sheath and periodically give it a thin coat of oil and you will be fine.


Special handle:

The Kershaw Camp 10 tan features a stiff, ABS-type handle with a palm swelling in the middle of the handle. The hard plastic wrapped around it is a firm, checkered textured rubber, which provides some solid slip resistance to sweaty hands. It also provides some absorption the effect when you need to hack in the jungle. Lastly, the Camp 10 is comfortable to wear with or without gloves because a properly tight handle slips naturally into your hand.

Comfortable to hold:

The sheath has a protective strap that wraps around the finger guards on the handle and secures the knife with a thumb picture. Unfortunately, this strap doesn’t change easily, but it shouldn’t pose much of a problem with Flip’s head screwdriver in hand.

Technical details

It’s a little hard to tell because it falls somewhere in the middle. Overall at 16 At, with a 10 blade, it gets a really sweet spot between the knife and the machetes. Its length enables you to practice it for your cutting and scraping applications and it feels less cumbersome than drawing your specific resemblance. But with a total weight of 1 lb., 2.3 oz., and a thick spine, its haft also aallows you to clean, split and cut.

  • Complete tang construction
  • Texture, rubber grip
  • Consists of a glass-filled nylon sheath with a belt loop
  • A dual lanyard hole
  • Little expensive

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Machete is legendary as a goal tool around the world. Here are some reasons why people use muskets.

Machete is widely used throughout the world in all stages of food preparation. Matches are used to prepare butchers and games, to distribute open coconuts, to harvest grapes, and to cut vegetables. It is known for its excellent cutting abilities and has become a natural resource for agriculture. It can and is used for harvesting crops, including corn, sugarcane, buckwheat, oats, millet, and more.

We have provided you the best rated and the most selling machetes above, below are some featured machetes having specific specialties, take a look.

Image Product Details   Price
CRKT-Parang-Machete-Huntbest.net_ CRKT-Parang machete Color: Black
Brand: Columbia River Knife & Tool
Check Price
Best-kukri-machete-1 Best Kukri machete Color: Black Kukri
Best for: Cutting Weeds
Check Price
Hooyman-machete-best-surviv Hooyman machete Color: Black
Material: High Carbon Steel
Check Price

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